AFROPUNK X Supreme Hair 2022

Supreme Hair exhibits at AFROPUNK 2022 @ Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, NY.

NEW YORK-Supreme Hair is trying to change the hair industry. Everything about our business is unique. We have a diverse staff, and customer base, our products are made in Africa, and we sell directly to salons. We are the rebels of our industry.

We couldn’t think of a better way to sustain this journey than introducing ourself to the change makers and Influencers of our culture at AFROPUNK . The name may allude to the eclectic fusion of statement making fashion and Black culture. However, the creators say it best ” AFROPUNK is more than a festival, it’s a celebration of life, music, food, and culture in the Black community.” Afropunk attendees are talented creators, influencers and curators from the New York area.

The festival was held in Brooklyn, at Commodore Barry Park- The crowd did not dissapoint with their Fashion, and Hair. We got to interact, and engage with the amazing crowd, and would like to share some of our experiences with you.


Bright Colors:

We were obsessed with the bright shades! Blue, Pink, Purple were the winners, but we did get an occasional green or orange, and we are definitely here for it!

Big Hair:

With an event name AFROPUNK we were expecting some Afro’s and lots of volume and the girls did not dissapoint.

Hair Accesories & Beads:

Creatively curated beads, and accessories were top contenders for hair fashion at the event. Most of the hairstyles were like art installations!

Long Lengths:

Long hair dont care! These spectators came with allll the length, it was not unusual to see ankle/floor length hair styles.

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